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The Development of Maqashid al-Shari’ah

Maqashi>d al-Shari>’ah is theory of islamic law most widely considered by scholars in modern era. This theory, independent theory (‘ilm mustaqil), was developed by al-Thahir ibn Ashur (w. 1973), the writer of “Maqashid Shari’ah Islamiyah.” In introduction of his book, he emphasized, “We have to leave ushul fiqh toward maqashi>d.” He believed ushu>l fiqh was irrelevant and unable to respond contemporary issues related to the islamic law.

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Mario Teguh Credibility as Motivator According to Aristotle (By: FARIDA ARISANDI)

1. Introduction

Ourlives can not be regardless of communication activity. We always communicate everyday and everytime. Moreover, Paul Watzlawick said, “We can not not communication.” It is commonly understood, as social creature, every single person needs other people to complete their needs. Thus, communication is a way for the people to interact one another.

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Islam and Environment Issues

Sharia does not only arrange human relations with the god, but also organize human rulations with the nature. Many verses in Qur’an which showed the concern and attention of Islam for the environmental. In several verses, Allah SWT always order human to protect earth and forbid the human to corrupt it. Moreover, the God emphasize to annoy anyone who violate this rules.

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Anesthesia Machine

Idha Nurkomalasari Putri
Politeknik Kesehatan Kemenkes Jakarta 2
Jurusan Elektomedik

Anesthesia is a temporary action to loss of memory, lack of pain, and muscle relaxation before patient surgery. When doctors do surgery, patients do not pain. General surgery can make patient’s pain. Paramedics need anesthesia machine to do it. The located is in operating theater. I would to explain part by part of anesthesia machine such as types of anesthesia machine, gas inlet, mixer, vaporizer, ventilator, and absorber.

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Nuclear: Resolution Energy for Indonesia in 2025

Energy is an extremely issue which has been discussed in the world, included Indonesia. It is very important, because energy provides the opportunity for developing economy, education, and technology. Energy need increases as the development of economy, education, and energy increases.

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