Mario Teguh Credibility as Motivator According to Aristotle (By: FARIDA ARISANDI)

Mario Teguh Credibility as Motivator According to Aristotle (By: FARIDA ARISANDI)

1. Introduction

Ourlives can not be regardless of communication activity. We always communicate everyday and everytime. Moreover, Paul Watzlawick said, “We can not not communication.” It is commonly understood, as social creature, every single person needs other people to complete their needs. Thus, communication is a way for the people to interact one another.
Communication is not only able to do by verbal language, but also by nonverbal language. For instance, a baby is just born can not speak, but they can communicate by crying. They deliver their message, whether they are hungry, thirsty, poop, or uncomfortable. Although they can not speak, but they can communicate what they want to their parents or other people. It is named non verbal language, otherwise, verbal language is used daily activity by word or language.
According to etymologic, the word communication is derived from Latin word, “communicare or communis”, meant to impart, share, or make common (Peter, 1997). Furthermore, in Smith’s book “Becoming a Public Relations Writer (2012), Sociologist, Harold Lasswell gave definition about communication ; Who Says What In Which Channel To Whom, With What Effect. Based on definition above, at least there are five components in communication ; communicator, message, media, communicant, and effect.
Communicator is someone delivering the message in communication process. There are many kinds of communicator, such as teacher, news anchor, reporter, expert, presenter, orator, motivator, even baby. Doing communication, we had intention or the purpose. Communication is done with the purpose to change opinion, perspective, behavior and social. Beside that, the function of communication are also as delivery information, education, and entertainment. In addition, it is contained in message. Message is something delivering-receiving information from communicator to communicant. Whereas, communicant is someone receiving the message.
Motivator is someone or something giving motivation for one person or more to change their life being better. One of famous motivator in Indonesia is Mario Teguh. Since 2008, he had television program ; Mario Teguh Golden Ways (MTGW). Moreover, he had ever got some achievements. For instance, MURI, Museum Rekor Indonesia, had noted Mario Tegus as the most motivator having Facebook fans. In 2009, he also had been selected as one of eighth alteration personage version Republika, one of newspaper rising in Jakarta.
Mario Teguh has real name Sis Maryono Teguh. He was born in Makassar, 5 March 1956. Husband of Lina Teguh has two children, Audrey and Marco. Since he was child, Son of Gozali Teguh and Siti Maria’s couple was known smart. In 1975, he had ever passed Senior High School in New Trier West High in America Serikat, Architecture mayor. Then, he had continued his study in IKIP Malang, Linguistic and English Education. He also had got International Business mayor in Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan. In 1983, he gad passed Operations Systems mayor and got MBA title in Indiana University, in Amerika Serikat. (Mario Teguh biograph, 2015)
Before he became a motivator, Mario Teguh had ever worked in BIMC Head of Manager, Zamre Ab. Wahab. In 1983 – 1986, he was as Head of Sales in Citibank Indonesia. He was as Manager Business Development in BSB Bank (1986 – 1989). In 1990 – 1994, as Vice President Marketing & Organization Development in Aspac Bank, and Exnal Corp Jakarta (1994 – present) as CEO, Senior Consultant, Specialist : Business Effectiveness Consultant.
Beside he is active as motivator, Mario Teguh also has activity as writer. He wrote the book about motivation definitely. He had ever released some books, such as Becoming a Star (2006), One Million Second Chances (2006), Life Changer (2009), Leadership Golden Ways (2009).
Imposible for some speaking about religion wears crime clothes, tatoo, or drinker. Other example, we will ask about English to Mr. Jarwo or concultating to doctor about health. It is all about credibility. Drinker does not have credibility, otherwise, Mr. Jarwo and doctor have credibility. Credibility is a set of communicant perception about communicator characteristic (Rakhmat, 2008). Sometimes, who is speaker is more important than what is talked. As communicator communicate, he does not communicate what he says, but he also communicates what he is. As motivator, Mario Teguh must have credibility definitely.
According to Aristotle’s book “Rethoric”, communicator credibility can be reached by three aspect ; ethos, pathos, and logos. Rhys and Litt said about ethos, pathos, and logos in their book “Aristotle Rethoric” (2015), “The speaker’s power of evincing a personal character which will make his speech credible. His power of stirring the emotion of his hearers. His power of proving a truth, or an apparent truth, by means of persuasive arguments.”
Based on stament above, it can be said if ethos is the power of the communicator that is had of his personal character, so what they talk can be trusted. Whereas, pathos is the strength of the speaker to control emotion listeners. While logos is the power of communicator by his argument.
Talking about individual communicator on television station, it will definitely appear communicator high credibility. It can be reviewed from aspect of skill to clothes which is worn, showing right the communicative relation. Communication can be said communicative, whether in communication process not only understand the language used, but also understand about the meaning and substance which is spoken. Up to one step where the communication is not function anymore to deliver message or informative with meaning equality, but also persuasive ; affect the way to invite or persuade the communicant to act approriate with expectation or eagerness of communicator.

2. Aristotle Credibility theory

Indonesia is a country high respecting the values of tolerance. Indonesian can be harmonious life in difference religion for many years. His program “Mario Teguh Golden Ways” is regardless from religion substance, however, keeps the spirit of values religion. It was seen in his greetings, he said, “Assalamu a’laikum warahmatullahi wabarakatuhu, shalom, and Om Swastyastu.
It does not mean to mix one another religion, however, Mario Teguh respects about defference religion one another. Furthermore, religion is something sensitive. None the less, Mario Teguh can unite in difference system of trust, value, and attitude from differ audience.
Mayority beholder of Mario Teguh is from Java island. Although there are many audiences are from other islands in Indonesia, such as Sumatra, Celebes, Borneo, Papua, Bali, Nusa Tenggara, and so forth. even other country. It showed that Mario Teguh as communicator can be accepted in every single district in Indonesia.
Communicator having good knowledge and skill can feel comfortable and communicate effectively with people have different of background and character in every situation. Audience of Mario Teguh is all gender, men and women. According to program profile of Mario Teguh Golden Ways is more than 20 years old. However, there are many beholders are from younger group. Motivation and good advise are needed young generation for development of personality, study, and carrier.
As General, younger has a little experiencc and knowledge for problem solving. This program is not only focus on motivation activity, but also the way to face the problem and gives motivation accurately.

a. Ethos
First indicator of credibility communicator is ethos. Etymologically, according to Elisabeth on her book, Transforming Graduate Biblical Education (2010), The meaning of ethos can be derived either from Greek word ethos, meaning custom, habit, usage, folkways, or from the Greek expression êthos, meaning character formation as the totally of all characteristic traits rather than more custom or morally approved habits. Ethos is the power of the communicator that is had of his personal character, so what they talk can be trusted. It will explain about Mario Teguh ethos from character to custum reflecting about personality. It can increase his credibility. There are several points about Mario Teguh’s ethos as motivator, such as charisma, competent, humorist, argumentative, explicit, good behavior, and so forth.
According to Mario Teguh statement on his present in Mario Teguh Golden Ways (28/04/13), he said “charisma and prestige were not exist in person, but other people who respected him.” It means, both charisma and prestige of someone, based on judgement of other people. Thus, communicator having authority will be easy to influence the audience. Authority does not mean feared, but respected and appreciated by the audience. And Mario Teguh has it.
Based on Enjang’s book Komunikasi Konseling, The combination of motivation, knowledge, and skill can direct us to be competent communicator (2009:102). Communicator having competence can communicate effectively and make good impression for communicant. It can be supported by skill and ability in communication. That competence definitely can increase credibility communicator.
Persuasive communication can be bound up with comprehensions about factors on communicator self and message appearing the effect to communicant. It can be reached by good attitude and behaviour of communicator. Thus, cammunicator can influence attitude the communicant easily.
The power of communicator is located in his self confident. A communicator must have it if he wants to influence other people. Mario Teguh’s self confident can show by his self readiness, not to feel as soperiority. By showing, if communicator is higher or better than other people, inasmuch authority, intelectual ability, social status or richness.
Good communicator must have clearness in attitude, words, and behavior. Communicator can remove unfair behavior and try to judge honestly and as normative (true or wrong). Clearness and honesty are not mask as self image or looked good to increase his credibility.
On the other hands, Mario Teguh is not arrogant behavior. Mario Teguh still has open minded with audience. With his care, he does not ignore feeling other people, but pay attention, being good listener and respect with the argument of his communicant.
As communicator motivator, Mario Teguh must be able to defend his argumentation by using good and accurate answer to influence his audience. And it can make his character looked selfish. Basically, communicator argumentative is good, although impressed selfish. Inasmuch, by argumentative, communicant can understand perspective communicator and there is learning process. In addition, it can be sharpen communicator speaking skill. Thus, it can increase his credibility and intelectual ability.
Humor is effective method to get attention. Humor does not add or increase credibility and gives profit more. Yet, humor does not break understanding, but can add happiness. One of way to twine effective communication is by happiness. There is no nervous to hear advise from Mario Teguh. Thus, there is no force and pressure to get the message. Beside that, humor can make discussion unfeel clumsy. Communication that is done by pleasure situation can influence for receiving message process.
Individual communicator on station television definitely will appear high crebilibity communicator. One kind of communicator is motivator. Communicator having high credibility can be seen from ability until costum that is used appearing relation communicative. Costume is inclued to nonverbal message category. Undirectly, it can introduce who he is. Wearing formal costum is very suitable with his program.

b. Pathos

Next point about credibility communicator will be explained is about Mario Teguh’s pathos. Hugh and Oliver said in their book Nursing Models, Theories and Practice (2008), pathos word is from the Greek, this term con-notes feelings or emotions, often extended to include feeling of suffering. Therefore, it can be said if pathos is a way to control emotion of audience by communcator.
There is corelation between language (verbal) and movement (nonverbal). It can be clarify the purpose and meaning of message delivered. Nonverbal is message expressed directly or indirectly by movement, behavior, or voice. In addition, the function of nonverbal message are ; for emphasizing the statement, completing the statement, contradiction to the statement, repeat the statement up to change the statement.
There are many kinds of gesture or kinetic message, such as facial expression, nod or shake head, shoulder movement, hand, from head to foot can appear and influence the messsage. For a communicator, message is not only delivered by language, but also gesture (nonverbal), especially facial expression and eye contact. It can rise belief about message. Inasmuch, in communication, what is seen can influence what is heard.
Beside of that, communicator must be flexible. Flexible means communicator can put himself in any object/interlocutors. That interlocutors is not limited age category, young or old, man or woman. Communicator who is flexible having behavior of attractive, dynamic, not clumsy, and relax. Moreover, communicator can also adapt with social and culture system adopted by audience. By observing available norms, values, and customs.
Communicator must be able to hold rein dan bring communication flow. Obstacle and alteration situation is often found in communication process. Types of alteration situation, such as the situation of cheerful, pleasure, sorrow, sad, commotion, and so forth.
Furthermore, Mario Teguh calls his audience with “My bestfriends who is super and kind.” He approaches and brings close with his audience without calling audience or beholder. As professional motivator having many experiences, if he is faced to alteration situation, as holder the rein he can authorize the situation and return communication flow.

c. Logos
The last indicator is about logos. The etymology of logos, based on Nicholas’s book Wittgenstein and Phenomenology (1981), “The Greek logos the verbal noun lego, which if we follow one root, means “to gather,” “to collect,” “to pick up,” “to put together,” and later “to speak or say.” Hence, it can be mentioned, logos is the power of communication by his arguments. There are several points can influence Mario Teguh’s credibility by logos, such as, life experience, carrier, and education. It can rise Mario Teguh credibility with giving good, accurate, and satisfy answer or argument.
Mario Teguh is a communicator motivator having many experiences. He has presented MTGW program for more than seven years. It is being experience enough for him with facing many audience. Moreover, Mario Teguh is also rich of knowledge, based on his life experience, carrier, and education which he passed.
Education can direct and be determine mind pattern, method perspective, and values that is held by someone. And it can be said if level of education is straight proportionate with their mind pattern, method perspective, and values. It means, the higher their level education, the better values held them.
As delivering message, Mario Teguh uses popular language. Language is easy understood for audience with clearly intonation. Inasmuch, effective communication does not only understand language used, but also about the meaning or subject spoken. There is same understanding between communicator and communicant.
Delivery of message can be an art of talking, if it is packaged in a slick and attractive. One way of them is by talking neatly and carefully. The point plus of it is able to attract the attention of the audience and enhance the credibility of communicator. Moreover, the information given by Mario Teguh is clear. One the function of communication is giving information.
As proffesional communicator, Mario Teguh is rich of experience dan wide of knowledge as motivator. Thus, every single question submitted can be answered accurately and correctly. He also analysed the question before he answered. He focus on problem orientation, communicating eagerness for cooperating to find problem solution. In problem orientation, communicator did not dictate the solution, but he asked or discussed with the audience to determine the goals and decided how to reach it. Thus, it can be searched the solution or new inovation about it and it can be accepted by audience. Advice, suggestion, solution or innovation is delivered by simple language and easy to be understood by the audience.
If both sides, communicator and communicant have different frame of refrence, so contradiction opinion will be sharpen. Finding the common ground will decrease the conflict. Communicator having it will be easy agreed. It will definitely influence and persuade the audience to act agree with eagerness communicator.
Conflict or contradiction opinion between communicator and communicant contain positive and negative effect. Negatively, communicator can be seen arrogant and selfish by defending his arguments. However, Mario Teguh has ability to communicate assertively, brave to propose opinion well. So, his opinion can be accepted well by communicant. On the other side, the argumentative can favor understanding other perspective, push communicator and interlocutors to learn one another, building communication skill, and increasing credibility.

3. Summary

Good communicator must be reflected in his character and personality. It can creat ethos communicator. Communicator having high credibility must have ethos, so his words can be trusted. As communicator motivator, Mario Teguh has ethos components, such as charisma, prestige, competent, self confident, clearness, recpect, and humorist. On the other hands, as public speaker, costum which is worn must be suitable with the program and it can reflect his character. It can be said that the costum indirectly can influence the belief for his message.
In pathos side, a communicator must be able to deliver message effectively. It can be done by controlling emotion of communicant. There are many ways to control emotion communicant, for instance by verbal and nonverbal language. Non verbal language can help communicant to make belief with his statement. It can be done by gesture, behavior, or voice. Such as, facial expression, eye contact, nod or shake head, shoulder movement, hand, from head to foot.
Mario teguh can inflence his interlocutors by his experience and knowledge. It can creat his credibility by logos, the power of communicator by his argumentation. Mario Teguh is rich of experience and wide of knowledge. It can favor him to give good, accurate, and satisfy answer or agrument. He usually used popular language, can be easy to understand his information with clearly intonation.
Beside nice in using the word and having art of talking, a communicator must be able to responsible with his argumentation and reflected on his character. It can increase his credibility. Inasmuch, sometimes who is speaking is more important than what is spoken. Communicant is selective to choose communicator. Therefore, for communicator needed high credibility to get attention up to change their character.

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