Islam and Environment Issues

Islam and Environment Issues

Sharia does not only arrange human relations with the god, but also organize human rulations with the nature. Many verses in Qur’an which showed the concern and attention of Islam for the environmental. In several verses, Allah SWT always order human to protect earth and forbid the human to corrupt it. Moreover, the God emphasize to annoy anyone who violate this rules.
Besides that, a lot of book wich had written by early moeslim scolars that related to the enviroment issues. For example, in the early of islamic law work was found discussion about hima and haram, they are the name of special area that is forhibited to revoke it plants and kill it animal. Izzuddin bin Abdul Salam, the early moeslim scholars, in the his book Qawa’id al-Ah}ka>m fi Mas}a>lih} al-Ana>m had explained detail the righ of animal. Recently, some of countries in the west are discussing and making policy wich relevant with the righ of animal, while Islam had studied about it since the first time.
The topic of environment was not only discussed in the islamic law books, but it also was mentioned in literary works, such as Gulistan (the flower garden) and Bustan (the Fruit Garden), they were written by Sadi Shahrazi, and Farihuddin Attar’s work, Mantiq al-T{ayr (The Deliberation of Birds). Mawil Izzi Dien said, Islam is the religion that pay great attention to environment and nature. Therefore, the theme of environment was found in many verses in Qur’an and hadith, and the books which had written by early scholars, like Jala>l al-Din al-Rumi, Ibn ‘Arabi>, Al-Ja>h}iz, Ibn Kathi>r, Ibn Qayyim al-Jawziyah, and Ikhwa>n al-S}afa groups.
Although, Islam was claimed caring about nature and environment because it has a lot of literature which related to environment, yet \\ the interest of moeslim society on the environment are still minimal in modern era. Today, Islam is considered not contribute significantly yet in resolving enviromental problems. Richard Folts stated that the issues of environment is not familiar yet in moeslim community. The works of modern scholars wich relevant with environment issues have been limited and very little.
Sayyid Hossein Nasr is included one of little scholars that concerned to enviromental issues in various of his books. In his work, Man and Nature, he discussed it deeply. Lately, there is Fazlun M. Khalid who foccus on enviromental issues and built fondation Islamic Fondation for Ecology and Enviromental Sciences (IFEES) in Birmingham Inggris. It was founded around at the begining 1990.
Step by step, it seems that Islamic scholars began to realize the significance importance of enviromental issues. Moreover, zillion of disaster and enviromental damage that was caused by human error. Therefore, this issues is being discussed recantly in islamic law studies (fiqh). The scholars of Islamic law had launced discourse of fiqh bi’ah (Islamic Jurisprudence of the environment). The purpose of fiqh bi’ah explain the rules regarding the relationship between man and nature.
This discourse was resounded by Ali Yafie around 1994 and he also wrote the book that relevant with this subject. Besides him, several of midle east scholars had wrote some books about fiqh al-bi’ah. For example, al-Bi>’ah fi al-Shari>’ah al-Isla>m which has been written by Yusuf al-Qardhawi.





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