Anesthesia Machine

Anesthesia Machine

Idha Nurkomalasari Putri
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Anesthesia is a temporary action to loss of memory, lack of pain, and muscle relaxation before patient surgery. When doctors do surgery, patients do not pain. General surgery can make patient’s pain. Paramedics need anesthesia machine to do it. The located is in operating theater. I would to explain part by part of anesthesia machine such as types of anesthesia machine, gas inlet, mixer, vaporizer, ventilator, and absorber.
Let us consider anesthesia machine. There are two types of anesthesia machining, anesthesia machine without integrated systems and anesthesia machine with integrated systems. Both of them, they have each benefits. Anesthesia machine without integrated system means a device only include gas inlet, vaporizer, anesthesia agent, and absorber. It usually uses for small surgery because paramedics only give anesthesia. If they need to monitoring patient, they must use additional device (ventilator and patient monitor). Anesthesia machine with integrated systems usually uses for patient want to do large surgery because paramedic must monitoring their conditions. This device usually include large display is monitoring patient’s condition (heart beat, blood pressure, SpO2) and small display is for setting parameter of ventilator. For this type of it is simple device because it include all. Thus, paramedic do not prepare additional device.
Secondly, gas inlet is block for connecting between air and O2. It means ventilator getting supply air and O2 from gas system central from hospital. In this block has pressure sensor, it means can work if getting low pressure or high pressure and alarm become ringing.
Thirdly, mixer is combining between air and O2 which enter from gas inlet block. Hence, it can process with electronic and pneumatic. Output from mixer will throw vaporizer. Vaporizer is a chamber to put anesthesia agent for necessities of inhalation patient. It has parts for setting to decide concentration rate from anesthesia agent.
Fourth, ventilator is the most important part of anesthesia machine because it can control breathing of patient. There are many parameters of anesthesia machine which paramedic must set such as volume tidal, inspiration time and expiration time, frequency, inspiration pressure, and total fresh gas when give to patient.
Fifth, absorber is Filter CO2 (carbon dioxide) from patient. It means before gas can return to anesthesia machine was clean. Output CO2 from patient has anesthesia agent. Therefore, it must filter within sodalime.
To sum up, anesthesia machine is very helpful for patient to loss of memory, lack of pain, and muscle relaxation before they want to surgery. If the muscle has relaxed, doctor can easy to surgery patient. It also can minimize bleeding.





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